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Applications for M-ljetovanje 2021!!


Do you enjoy walking through untouched nature? Are you ready to sleep in nature for a week, sweat well during the day cleaning an olive grove trapped for 50 years by thorns and trees, and after that enjoy the beautiful Mljet Sea? In addition, are you ready to meet other peers who are equally brave and open to challenges as you are? And most importantly, are you ready to come to terms with yourself, to get to know others better through evening catechesis and spiritual accompaniment? If you feel ready for this challenge, we are waiting for you!



M-Ljetovanje is a spiritual, educational program for young people with an emphasis on ecology and Christian meditation for young people from age 20 to 35. Participants are faced with a challenge of living in nature and sleeping in tents for a while. The working part of the program refers to the ecology, cleaning and restoration of neglected old olive groves. In addition to the spiritual and work component, the participants also visit the island of Sv. Mary, and throughout the entire week they have the opportunity to socialize and meet other participants from different parts of the world. 


M-ljetovanje has been taking place ever since 2014 and over a thousand participants have experienced it through the last six years. Until now, the program has been held only in Croatian and this is the first year we decided to incorporate the international term. The whole term will be held in Enghish, so the knowledge of English is required to participate.


At the end of the week, the danger of strong physical and emotional attachment to the beautiful nature and the sea of the island of Mljet might be expressed.


The program takes place on the bay called Bobovište near Polač on the island of Mljet.

DATE: AUG 22-28 2021


The program will be held according to current epidemiological measures.

Applications on the following



In order to create a small ecological paradise on Mljet together, the working dimension of this program is not significant. The size of the neglected olive grove is about 20,000 m2. So, this is a serious project of real coexistence with nature. We give nature our time and abilities and nature gives us the freshness and beauty of real life. Because of this, in addition to the courage to live in nature for a week, the participants are also expected to have a serious readiness for physical work.


Due to the nature of the program, please contact us in advance if:

• you are on a special diet

• suffer from epilepsy, diabetes, celiac disease, Crohn's disease

• you are allergic to insect bites and dust

• you are prone to exhaustion, sunstroke

• you can't swim

Participation in the program is free of charge. It is necessary to count on the cost of food, which is about 400 KN a week.


What has been said about this program:

A place with the most beautiful sunrise, where I realize how much it really takes for a person to be happy and content. (Gabriela)

This is an experience that can teach you a lot. For example, how attached you are to the things you have at home which you take for granted. By being there, you realize how little you need to be happy. (Philip)

This program is a great opportunity for all those who want to recharge their batteries in a spiritual and physical sense, who want to come to their senses again after an exhausting year, surround themselves with good, positive and honest people, who want to experience something more, and who do not want to regret wasting their holidays because in some way you always get more than you can actually expect. (Matea)

Time spent in a very quality way, meeting different people with the same goal, spiritual rest. (Ivan)



All appointments start with the program on Sunday afternoon, so it is necessary to arrive on the island of Mljet by 2 p.m. There are three possibilities of the arrival.

1- Arrival through Split

If you are arrival with plane, Split has its own airport. From the airport you have to go to the port and in the port, which is just near bus station, you have the catamaran "Krilo" which departs at 7:40 from Split to Mljet (port of Pomena) and at 7:30 from Split to Mljet (port of Sobra). The price of a return (round-trip) ticket for a catamaran is 280 HRK (1€ is approximately 7,54 HRK). The catamaran has a limited number of seats, so they need to be booked in advance (reservation link). Upon arrival in Mljet, the van will wait for you and take you to the place where the program takes place.

2- Arrival through Peljesac

If you come by car or van, you need to get to the port of Prapratno on Pelješac (Google maps location), where you can leave your car and go to the ferry that goes to Sobra on the island of Mljet (schedule). You need to get to Sobra by 1 pm when the van will take you to the venue of the program. The price of a return (round-trip) ticket for the ferry is 48 HRK (1€ is approximately 7,54 HRK). No prior reservation is required.

3- Arrival through Dubrovnik

If you are arrival with plane, Dubrovnik also has its own airport. From the airport you have to go to the Dubrovnik port. From the port the catamaran "Nona Ana" goes to Mljet on Sunday morning at 9:15 (schedule). It is necessary to get off the catamaran in Polače on Mljet. The price of the return (round-trip) ticket is 140 HRK (1€ is approximately 7,54 HRK). It is necessary to buy a ticket at least an hour earlier due to frequent crowds. In Polače we will pick you up by van around 11 am and take you to Bobovište.


The program ends with a lunch on Saturday.

Return line to Split - catamaran from Pomena at 17:50, arrives at 20:55.

Return line to Peljesac - ferry from Sobra at 19:00, arrives at 19:45.

Return line to Dubrovnik - catamaran from Polač at 16:55, arrives at 18:35.



The program is organized by the association SKAC_DU. Contact


Below you can see a photo gallery from the previous years of M-ljetovanje. 

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